1. Only 19% VAT

Save up to 19%! COMPUTERIZER LTD. is registered in CYPRUS, a country with low VAT in Europe. Having only 19% VAT, you can buy many products much cheaper than in other European shops. Plus all other taxes are already included in the price!


2. No VAT for non-european countries [TAX FREE]

If you are coming from non-EU country, then no VAT is applicable at all! In that''s case, the price of products is 19% less. You save a significant sum with every item you purchase! Please keep in mind for local custom duty and import tax of your country, and check before you order, as every non-EU country has different import tax rates.


3. No VAT and special prices for companies [TAX FREE]

When buying as a legal entity registered in EU, you have no VAT or any additional costs charged. The price of all goods for legal entities is calculated as without VAT.